Push Rod Clearance Tool

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We created this tool to efficiently relieve the pushrod to cylinder head interference on an assembled engine. It effectively relieves the hard to get to areas on aluminum cylinder heads allowing proper clearance for your push rods. Cut only what you need - no need to "hog out" extra material!

Our clearance cutter is quick and easy to use with minimal clean up. Offered in 3 sizes to accomodate most applications:

  • PT# 3R9 3/8" diameter, 9" long
  • PT# 4R9 7/16" diameter, 9" long
  • PT# 4R11 7/16" diameter, 11" long
  • PT# 344R9911 kit including one of each size

*Buy all three and save!

Each cutter comes in it's own see-thru plastic storage tube.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Pushrod Clearance Cutter Instructions

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