4L80E Rear Feed Filter and Transmission Pan

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  • Prevent fluid starvation issues in your GM 4L80E transmission
  • Can be used with a transbrake or factory valve body
  • Eliminates lazy 1-2 shifts in drag cars with 1.7 or faster 60 ft times
  • A great option for hill climbers, rock crawlers, drag racers, etc!
  • Designed, tested and manufactured in-house at our shop in EP, RI.
  • Available as a complete kit OR the reverse filter and deep sump pan can be purchased separately.
  • Our rear feed filter kit includes a 21mm feed tube, billet mounting block and hi-flow filter.
  • To keep the price point reasonable and turn around time to a minimum we opted to have Moroso Performance Products, Inc. fabricate our deep sump, rear feed transmission pan. Made to our blueprinted specs, these pans are only available to order thru SDCE.
  • SDCE/AFI transmission pan comes equipped with JIS hi-strength steel flange hex head bolts, magnetic drain plug, an integrated anti-slosh baffle, transmission dipstick stop, and an 1/8 NPT port for use with a transmission temp sensor. 
  • Transmission pan gasket is optional/sold separately. (see drop down to add it to your order, if needed)
  • Please note - if purchasing our rear feed filter separately, you must have an oil pan with a minimum depth of 3 3/4"!! WE HAVE NOT TESTED OUR FILTER ASSEMBLY WITH ANY TRANSMISSION PANS OTHER THAN OUR OWN DESIGN! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
How and when this product was developed...
In 1999, when we converted our shop car (a 1973 Dodge Challenger) from a small block 360cid engine to a low deck 383 big block, we knew we needed a bullet-proof over-drive transmission that could handle high horsepower street cruising and 1/4 mile drag racing in a full weight, steel bodied car.
We decided to build a GM 4L80E because there were limited performance transmission options for 1000HP Mopar street cars back then and the GM 4L80E was just starting to gain traction being used as a "high performance" transmission. We were learning as we were going - especially because we were "hybridizing" it behind our Mopar. We successfully kept the transmission in one piece with minimal issues for over 10 years racking up thousands of hours and many, many miles of street and track abuse. That started our love for the GM 4L80E.
As our customer base grew and the cars we built got faster, we started to notice minor issues with fluid starvation and lazy 1-2 shifts with the 4L80E. It seemed more noticeable in the cars with 1.7 second and faster 60ft times. Naturally, Scott's endless quest to know the "HOW & WHY" about all things mechanical brought him to proof out his theory. Going back to his roots of why he never had any fluid starvation issues or late/lazy shifts in his own car determined that his "redneck" reverse filter assembly from back in 1999 was the reason! Since then, we've cleaned up the original prototype and have run it thru rigorous testing in several other high horsepowered cars and we're really excited to offer our Rear Feed Filter Assembly and Reverse Transmission Pan for the 4L80E to anyone else that can benefit from it.Any questions please call 401-270-8409.
Thank you for supporting small business and products proudly made in the USA!